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Indian Troops Evict Nepalese

Troops Evict Nepalese

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martes, 02 de junio de 2009
02 de junio de 2009, 13:46Imagen activaKathmandou, Jun 2 (Prensa Latina) The Border Security Forces (SSB) in India violently evicted thousands of Nepalese families from their towns along the common border between the two countries, denounced the National Press here Tuesday.

Over 6,000 people have been removed from the border settlements in Dang District Nepal, by the SSB, reported Nepal News service.

Out of that figure 1,800 have to look for shelter in the Satbariaya forest community in Deukhuri, after the Indian troops invaded their land, burning their homes, highlighted the Kantipur Post Newspaper.

A 70-year old woman, Puma Kumari Bista, from Rajpur Dang locality described to the media that they were moved away, their with their homes burning and were threatened that they could no longer live in that area.

She added that the Indian troops moved landmarks dividing the borders between the two countries, approximately 35 meters inside the Nepali territory.

Settlers from 22 settlements along the common border in the Dang district on Nepali soil and in Balarampur, Shravasti and Gonda districts (from the Indian side) ran away from their houses, noted the newspaper.

Over 15 young women are still missing, added the official.

According to the Dang District chief, Rishi Ram Dhakal, all parties will be called to discuss this problem.

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