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Dixit to media: Change gears

Dixit to media: Change gears
Kantipur Report
Kathmandu, June 16 - Journalist Kunda Dixit believes it is time for Nepali media to shrug off old-school reporting based on speeches and conferences, and move onto solution-based reportage that digs under the surface. He was speaking at an interaction programme at Kamalpokhari on Monday.

Dixit said that a new model of journalism should gain ground in Nepal, where the media does not only report what happened; rather, it should focus on why an incident occurred. Despite this, he said that some of the old rules such as fact-based reportage and balanced writing must continue, apart from standing up for two issues - authenticity and press freedom.

He also said that mainstream media today focuses on political bickering, while the people demand real change in terms of security and development. Also, he said that the war isn't yet over, as violence hasn't yet stopped, but the media should also give space to moderate voices that believe in a peaceful compromise.

According to him, media should stop becoming a tool for politicians, and instead should focus on the beneficiaries of the current instability in the country. Evoking slain journalist Uma Singh's example, he said she was murdered for writing about political linkages to violent tendencies. Also, Dixit said the country is moving from a class war to a communal war, and that local FM stations can play the biggest role towards preventing this.

Dixit also displayed photographs and videos of events that could further the media's role by digging in deeper into an incident or an event.

A screening of the documentary, 'Frames of War', followed the programme.

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