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PM Nepal asked Menon to arrange Indian scholarship for his daughter

PM Nepal asked Menon to arrange Indian

scholarship for his daughter

What primarily transpired between the Prime Minister of Nepal and Mr Shiva Shankar Menon during his last trip toKathmandu (June 20-21, 2009) could be a matter of curiosity for all the Nepali citizens.

Here is just an excerpt of communication between the two.

Immediately after his arrival in Kathmandu, the Indian foreign secretary met with the Prime Minister of Nepal, Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal.

Mr. Menon got stunned when the Nepal Prime Minister first told the visiting Indian secretary that his daughter Ms. Suman Nepal has the inner penchant to accomplish her MD degree at the AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences,New Delhi).

Ms. Nepal was awarded free scholarship by the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu to accomplish her MBBS studies at the AIIMS. She recently returned home completing her education at one of the best medical schools in South Asia.

“The Prime Minister repeatedly asked the Indian foreign secretary if such an arrangement could be made for his daughter”, writes Tarun vernacular weekly, June 29, 2009.

Menon was pretty annoyed that the Nepal PM was concentrating on something irrelevant and not talking on issues of Indian interests.

“The Indian foreign secretary advised his one of the aides to talk to the Indian Embassy immediately”, writes Tarun.

“She does not meet the required criteria”, replied the aide adding “thus her application could not be processed”.

How a “father” who is anxious for his “daughter” so much could have told Menon that the Indian side has encroached upon Nepali lands?
Mother Nepal has reasons to weep.

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Scholarship for PM's daughter

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