Saturday, June 20, 2009

Upendra Yadav: Madhav Nepal has talked to me over telephone several times

Upendra Yadav: Madhav Nepal has talked to me over telephone several times


Taken aback by the unexpected division in the Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum, the party he nurtured so carefully in its formative days, Upendra Yadav- the Party President now says that he has been carefully watching the activities of the incumbent government under the UML command.

“I am keenly observing how the government made its moves in the last one month period and would very much love to watch how the next two months of its honeymoon comes to an end”, Yadav opined.

“I am strictly in favor of forming a National Government, I believe that the country can get the much needed stability with the formation of the National Government”, declares Yadav talking to the Rajdhani Daily, dated June 21, 2009.

“The MJF CA members who have joined the Bijaya Gacchedhar-Tharu camp are currently in a sheer dilemma, I will take note of how Gacchedhar-Tharu in government could address the demands of the Madheshi community”.

“Madhav Nepal, after declared Prime Minister of the country has talked to me over telephone several times”, Yadav reveals.

“PM says that his hands are tied up and is totally dependent upon his coalition partners who possess high ambitions”, Yadav further says adding, “I know that this is all because of the Nepali Congress party but I do not want to criticize the party any more.”

“Now I will not resort to the politics of criticism, I know criticism yield neither benefit the party nor to the people”, Yadav concluded.

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