Tuesday, June 16, 2009

India’s RAW machinery engineered fall of Nepal Maoist Govt

India’s RAW machinery engineered fall of Nepal Maoist Govt


The General Secretary of the “Restructured” People’s Front, Mr. Janak Prasad Adhikari, has bluntly said that the Maoists now out from the power structure talking of the land encroachment by the Indian establishment makes no sense because they should have made this a “national issue” while being in power.

Mr. Adhikari made these allegations against the Maoists while talking to his cadres in Kaski district, June 15, 2009.

According to Mr. Adhikari, the Maoists under the instruction of the Indian regime discontinued the People’s War abruptly.

“The RAW of the Indian regime managed the quick ouster of the Maoist led government because it knew that the Maoists had already bought some ten truck- load of weapons from China”, revealed Mr. Adhikari.

The main reason behind the fall of the Prachanda’s government was the buying of weapons fromChina and the RAW machinery brought this fall, claims Adhikari.

Those who also spoke on the occasion were, among others, CC member Sant Bahadur Ghising, Iman Singh Gurung of the United Left Front.

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