Wednesday, June 10, 2009

missing border pillar deep inside Indian land

Nepal media men find missing border pillar deep inside Indian land


Fortunately, a disappeared Border Pillar from the district of Dang that separated Nepal with India has been located.

The border pillar that went missing for quite some time long from Koilabas area of Dang was located no where else than three kilometers inside the Indian territory. However, it was not the Government representatives from the either side that had located the border pillar.

Then who located? Yes! Some staunch nationalists made this adventure!

A team of “nationalist” journalists from Nepal who sneaked into India suspecting that the pillars were taken by the Indian side had located the missing border pillar some three Kilometers inside the Indian Territory.

“We urged the parliamentary delegation to enter into India to

see the border pillar, yet they refused our sincere request

for reasons unknown”, reports quote the sons of the soil

“journalists” as saying.

2009-06-11 08:57:31


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