Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Farmers making big money from herbs

Farmers making big money from herbs
ITAHARI, May 14 - Farmers in Dumraha, Sunsari, who were not very keen on herb farming earlier, are now earning lakhs of rupees yearly by growing medicinal plants.

They make more money from herb farming than from their traditional crops, paddy and maize. 

Samba Herbal Comp- any had started herb farming here 10 years ago. Following in the company's footsteps and lured by high returns, farmers switched to cultivating herbs. Mentho, tulasi, metacriya, pamaroja, lomangras, sitnerala and a number of other herbal plants are grown here. "The income from herb farming is twice that from traditional farming. That's why we have taken up growing herbs," said Sukdev Roy, a farmer.

The herbs produced in Dumraha are supplied to various parts of the country and exported to foreign countries for manufacturing medicines, farmers said.

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