Monday, May 25, 2009

Maoists blame India for Nepal Govt. fall

Maoists blame India for Nepal Govt. fall

A Nepal Maoists Central Secretariat Member, Mr. Barsa Man Pun alias Ananta has revealed that threats coming from the Indian camp were unbearable over the issue of sacking the Army Chief Mr. Rukmangad Katawal.

They told us that a big disaster was in the waiting for Nepalif we sacked the army chief…we could not tolerate this pressure and decided to quit the government”, Ananta made this million dollar disclosure.

“We resigned primarily to let the people know of what happened inside”, he added while addressing a press-meet organized by Tamuwan State Committee in Pokhara, Kaski District, May 25, 2009.

India threatened us saying that sacking Katawal would be a blunder, it will invite an accident”, Ananta said.

“We will, in the mean time teach the so-called democratic

parties what it means becoming a responsible and constructive

opposition” he told the gathering.

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