Saturday, May 30, 2009

Susta Campaign and Hindi Movie Ban to go together

Nepal: Susta Campaign and Hindi Movie Ban to go together


“Susta Jou, Mato Bachau”-Let us Go Susta, Save our Soil.

The Maoists Party restructured led by Mani Thapa issuing a statement on Saturday May 30 2009 has declared that the party will hold a rally in Susta, India occupied Nepali lands in the district of Nawalparasi.

“Our aim is to strengthen Nationalism by organizing a protest rally right in Susta where India has occupied Nepali lands”, the statement reads.

“After the Susta march, soil of Susta will be brought to the capital which will be put on display at the city center for five days and a signature campaign will go simultaneously”, the statement signed by Mr. Mani Thapa declares.

The statement also reveals that the collected signatures will then be handed over to the Prime Minister to pressurize the government to take needed steps towards the lawful return of Nepali lands grabbed by India.

The party has issued a ban order to all the cinema theatres in the Mechi, Koshi and Lumbnini Zones to show Hindi movies beginning June 4 to June 9, 2009.

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