Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kosi embankment work at Indo-Nepal border near completion

Kosi embankment work at Indo-Nepal border near completion

Kathmandu, May 28 (PTI) The construction work on the main embankment of the Kosi river on the Indo-Nepal border is in the final stages of completion, amid fears that early monsoon rains may breach 'cofferdams'.
Cofferdams or temporary dams are built to alter the river's course during reconstruction of the embankment. The water level rose at the Koshi coffer dams when it reached maximum height on Tuesday night, according to officials.

The flood nearly breached the three coffer dams on the Koshi but there is nothing to worry about as the embankment will be completed over the next few days, an official at the Indian embassy said.

Commenting on Nepalese media report that "breaching of coffer dams has raised serious threats of Koshi havoc in the forthcoming monsoon as reconstruction and repair is underway," the Indian Embassy official said, there is nothing to worry as the embankment is near completion and the rise in water level will have no impact on construction.

High level officials including secretaries of Ministry of Water Resources, Home Ministry and Ministry of Physical Planning and Works inspected the site yesterday. Indian Embassy's deputy chief of Mission (DCM) Alok Sinha also accompanied the Nepalese team during the inspection.

Over 50,000 people were displaced in Nepal and three million others were in India side due to the breaching of the Saptakoshi River embankment in August 2008. PTI


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