Saturday, May 30, 2009

NC district leaders bat for Sujata

NC district leaders bat for Sujata

Himalayan News Service

KATHMANDU: A district president of Nepali Congress today claimed that a majority of Nepali Congress district presidents had agreed to lobby for Sujata Koirala to lead the party in the new coalition government.
Speaking at a press meet here today, Dhankuta district president of the NC Hari Adhikary said, "As many as 55 district presidents have agreed to lobby for Sujata Koirala. She can take bold decisions for the country." Adhikary said wrong decisions taken by the erstwhile government should be corrected, as they had made many mistakes, including the interference in Pashupatinath temple and the Nepali Army.
"Only the young and bold leaders like Sujata can lead the nation in the right direction," Adhikary said.
Besides Adhikary, three other district presidents were present in the press meet. Adhikary claimed that the other presidents could not make it to the venue, as they were stuck in a traffic jam.
He said all 55 district presidents would meet the party leadership to put forth their demands on Sunday morning. Mediapersons questioned Adhikary and his team about Sujata's contribution to the party.


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