Sunday, May 17, 2009

madhav nepal next pm

MJF supports NC-UML alliance: Madhav Nepal next PM


With the Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum, MJF, formally agreeing to support the United Marxist Leninist-Nepali-Congress alliance to form the next government, Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal, if everything goes fine and well, will be declared the next prime minister of the country sooner than later.

Mr. Nepal, having the distinction of being defeated in the Constituent Assembly elections from two different constituencies, is being portrayed as a pro-India man by the Maoists’ party.
To the extent that the mainstream Indian media is celebrating concluding that an India born politico is being awarded the post of the Nepal prime Minister.
Mr. Nepal is yet to rebuke the claims being made by the Indian media. This remains a mystery as to why Mr. Nepal has no words against the Indian media cartels.

Earlier in the morning, Mr. J.P.Gupta- one of the MJF leaders, had met the UML president Mr. Jhala Natha Khanal and conveyed that his party was extending all its support to form the next government under the UML command.

Similarly, Mr. Bijaya Kumar Gacchehar-Tharu, yet another MJF leader had met with his former political mentor, Mr. Girija Prasad Koirala and assured that the MJF was ready to support the UML-NC alliance.
Indian media claims that Mr. Nepal was born in Varanashi.
Analysts see no fault of Mr. Nepal in having taken birth in KASHI as it was beyond his control for understandable reasons.
Mr. Nepal's daughter, Ms. Suman Nepal, recently got her MBBS degree from Delhi under Indian scholarship grant.
This scholarship may have some meaning if taken seriously. 
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