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Nepal's Foreign Minsiter snubs Indian ambassador

Nepal's Foreign Minsiter snubs Indian ambassador

Look at some of the facts and then you yourself conclude whether this tantamount to interference or not?

The almost third grade Indian communist and virtually a non-entity in Indian scheme of things, Sita Ram Yechury, frequently visits and provides blessings to Nepali leaders.

He was almost greeted, if one were to recall, like the new President of Nepal when Koirala took over power after the then King handed over his entire authority to the new government.

He waived his hands inside the parliament as if he have had climbed Mount Everest without Oxygen.

The Nepali leaders upon seeing Yechury in person inside the parliament felt that the Almighty had come down to earth and thus the uninterrupted clapping for some good minutes.

Similarly, D.P. Tripathi, a Congress functionary, came uninvited to Nepal via Siliguri in what he called his Nepal trip as a KALASH Yatra which he had made, according to this notorious Indian leader, for the institutionalization of the republican order. 

His Yatra instead should have been diverted to Bhutan for understandable reasons. Thanks the Bhutanese Chukha Hydro power that such trips are deliberately not made to Bhutan.

Indian Foreign Secretary Shiv Shanker Menon-a government bureaucrat, lands in Kathmandu and eases himself at Nepal’s Prime Minister’s official residence.

Unfortunately, Nepal’s prime minister greets him at his official residence and receives some instructions and warnings as well.

The one who destabilized the entire Afghanistan is posted to Nepal as the new Indian Ambassador. He is Rakesh Sood-the real trouble maker sent to this Himalayan nation to keep this country ever dependent to India.

He landed in Kathmandu last year April. From the next moment of his arrival in Kathmandu he began serving warnings, instructions and what not and what not to our Nepali version of Laloo Prasad and Mulayam Singh.

On May 28, 2008, if any personality on earth was worried whether Nepal will be declared a republic or not then it was Rakesh Sood.

As the first Constituent Assembly proceeding on that very particular day got delayed, it was Ambassador Sood who appeared uneasy both in his behavior and action.

Finally, at late evening on that day, when K.B. Gurung chaired the CA session and began the proceedings, it was none other than Sood who made himself comfortable enough concluding that the “Congratulatory letter” from the Indian Speaker, Soma Nath Chaterjee will now be read by the Speaker Gurung.

The letter sent by Chaterjee though mentioned May 28, 2008, but high placed sources claim that the letter of congratulation was sent much ahead of the declaration of Nepal as a republic.

Of well over hundred ninety countries in the world, it was the Indian establishment which congratulated Nepal in having been declared a republic.

The Nepali versions of the Laloo cheered and, hopefully, could have gulped undesirable pegs of Alcohol on that evening concluding that at least one “friendly” neighbor has extended its recognition to the just born Nepal republic. Nepalese have a habit of drinking alcohols both for fun and digest familial/official pains.

To cut the story short, on April 30, 2009, Prime Minister Dahal have had a heated debate with the Indian Ambassador right inside PM’s residence.( Read for this conversation: Economic Blockade).

Almost a similar sad incident took place on May 15, 2009, Friday morning at 10:30 AM at Nepal Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav’s residence in Pulchowk.

Rakesh Sood enters Upendra Yadav’s compound in Pulchowk and tells Yadav to extend unconditional support to the UML-NC coalition.

Yadav summarily rejects the Ambassadorial dictates and tells the Indian envoy not to meddle in his party’s internal affairs.

The Ambassador gets annoyed with the reply that he gets from Yadav but yet he doesn’t lose his patience.

He then resorts to terror tactics.

Look what he says, “You and your party must support this coalition or else I will bring about a vertical split in your party and a section of that splinter will join the UML-NC coalition.

Enough was then enough perhaps.

Look how FM Yadav responds to Sood’s threat: “Who the hell are you to threaten me? What is your official status? You are no more than a Joint Secretary…Don’t exceed your diplomatic limits or else the entire Madhesi population will wage fight against the Indian establishment”.

The verbal war of words continued for long.

Finally, Sood pushed some sweets and says, “I will support your party…criticize the Maoists by being in the next government”.

While this heated debate was continuing in between Yadav and Sood, entered Minister J.P. Gupta.

Gupta also told the same what had already been told by Yadav to Sood.

Interestingly, Gupta contrary to expectations, had all the praise for Pushpa Kamal Dahal-the Nepal Prime Minister.

However, out of fear or for fear of the possible split in the party as emphatically put by Sood, the MJF on Sunday May 17, 2009, sent a formal letter to the UML-NC coalition that the MJF “has now decided to extend its support to the new coalition”.

Now upon reading these descriptions, we leave our august and highly qualified readers to judge for themselves whether such interventions tantamount to interference or not?

By and by, Sood had a quiet luncheon with Daman Nath Dhungana at Hotel Dwarika’s on May 5, 2009-a day after Nepal PM Dahal resigned.

To recall, Mr. Dhungana is the one who “advised the President that he has the authority to reinstate the sacked Nepal Army Chief Rukmangad Katawal”.

Katawal was sacked on May 3, 2009 and reinstated the same late evening. The next day the PM resigns and Dhungana enjoys luncheon with Ambassador Sood.

The land encroachment in Susta doesn’t pain our Gandhians and the Nehruvians.

Guess why? But isn’t it the time to tell Sood that “You are persona non grata”?
(Some part of the story is based on a fresh report by Janaastha Weekly)
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