Saturday, May 30, 2009

MJF leaders close to agreement; Yadav and Gachhadar both to become ministers

There has been an agreement between Madheshi Janadhikar Forum chairman Upendra Yadav and parliamentary party leader Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar on the issue of joining the government.

An agreement has been forged where both leaders will participate in the government. Chairman Yadav will lead the party’s team, while Gachhadar will take charge of a powerful ministry.

The agreement was reached according to the recommendations of the task force formed Saturday to name the ministerial candidates from the party and suggest solution to the ongoing feud between the two factions.

The agreement has not been officially announced as a meeting ongoing to select other ministers from the party.

Earlier, the two leaders were seen in the verge of split with both organising separate press conferences on Saturday.

Gachhadar had reportedly handed over the list of MJF's ministerial team, led by himself, to PM Nepal, while Yadav had said the party would withdraw its support to the government had that been the case.

Gachhadar, in response, had said the party would have to face an unfortunate incident if the support to the government was withdrawn. May 31 09


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