Saturday, May 23, 2009

Infuriated MJF President Yadav leaves Nepal CA venue

Infuriated MJF President Yadav leaves Nepal CA venue


All is not going well within the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, say reports.

The Chairman of the MJF, Upendra Yadav, got irritated and felt some what insulted when he was not invited by the Speaker of the Constituent Assembly, Yesterday May 23, 2009, to extend the word of support to the next prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal on behalf of his party but instead his political rival, Bijaya Kumar Gachhedar, was allowed some minutes who extended support to Mr. Nepal on behalf of the Forum.

By time Gachhedar had finished his words of support to the new Prime Minister Mr. Nepal, Mr. Upendra Yadav had already left the CA venue completely infuriated.

Bishnu Poudel, one of the senior UML leaders who tried to prevent Mr. Yadav from leaving the CA venue was taken to task by Upendra Yadav who stated, “I did not like the way you and your party have treated me and my party…this episode has summarily insulted the entire Madhesh and you all may have to bear with the consequences later”.

While talking to a daily, the MJF president said, “the UML leadership may have not felt the need of my participation and thus I decided not to remain inside the venue where I was being insulted”.

In an implied manner, Mr. Yadav criticized Mr. Gachhedar for his extra-energetic activities that he exhibited while extending the MJF support to the UML by saying that, “The manner things proceeded inside the CA hall, I fell that not only me but the entire MJF has been insulted which may force the entire party paraphernalia may have to think twice whether or not to participate in the next government under UML command”.

Mr. Gachhedar is the leader of the MJF delegation in the CA body on behalf of the party.

“We will bring this sad episode into intense debate during our next Central Committee meeting”, said a some what angry looking Upendra yadav.

Mr. Yadav and Mr. Gachhedar are not in good terms, say insiders of the MJF.

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