Saturday, May 30, 2009

Grand Design to Revive Monarchy in Nepal

Grand Design to Revive Monarchy in Nepal: Prachanda’s Revelation


Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda, the first executive prime minister after the country was declared a republic on May 28, 2008 and the Maoists’ party chairman addressing a Republic Day Celebration in Lalitpur revealed that Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and the likes are doing their best to revive the institution of monarchy in the country.

“I am fully aware of this grand design, within some days former King Gyanendra will be re-declared as the King of Nepal, followed by his resignation citing health reasons, his grandson will then be decaled the ceremonial monarch”.

“As per my information that has been made available to me, this conspiracy is being hatched in New Delhi”, said Dahal.

Addressing a program organized by the Maoists’ Lalitpur District Chapter, Dahal made yet another tantalizing revelation.

Dahal claimed that three days after Madan Bhandari was killed in a road accident some fifteen years back, he had met Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal, the then general secretary of the Nepal Communist Party-UML.

“We visited his Koteshwor residence exactly three days after Bhandari was killed…we expressed our grief and sorrow over the sad incident.”

Dahal in the course of his speech then quoted Mr. Nepal as saying that “He embraced death of his own deeds and faults, “Madan Ji always criticized India, challenged the King and declined meeting with the Americans”.

“If he would not have done so, he would have been alive”, Dahal further quoted Mr. Nepal as saying.

“The UML then exploited the murder of their leader to come to power, sadly no investigation was initiated by the UML regime”, said Dahal.

The present day UML government is no different, said Dahal adding, it is the puppet of the foreigners.

However, Dahal rejected the allegation that the Republican Order was an Indian Gift to Nepal.

“The seeds of the 12-Points Agreement were sown right in Rolpa jungles –Nepal, but not in New Delhi, as the Nepali Congress leaders rejected to come to Rolpa the 12-Points Deal had to be finalized in New Delhi”, he said.

He also predicated a fierce battle between the Parliamentary parties and the Maoists in the near future.

“The battle would be fought right here in the Kathmandu valley”, concluded former PM Dahal.

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