Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nepali journalists arrested by Indian police

Nepali journalists arrested by Indian police


Indian Police men kept two Nepali journalists under detention for over an hour for having tried to take pictures at the Nepal-India border in Raxaul, Birgunj.

The two journalists, Dayanidhi Bhatta of Janadisha Daily and Arun Baral of Janaastha Weekly were arrested by the Indian police men, May 31, 2009.

“The Indian police men used highly derogatory words against us and misbehaved as well while in detention”, both the journalists told reporters after they were released by the Indian Police.
The Indian nationals, be it police or a diplomat, take the Nepalese citizens as inferior to them.
The fact is that they, the Indians, remained under colonial rule for centuries. It is this inferiority complex that encourages the Indian nationals to dishonor the nationals of the countries who ever remained as an independent nation in the past.
Perhaps such acts provide them with sadistic pleasure.
The Unified Nepal National Front(UNNF) led by Mr. Phanindra Nepal had organized a program to unveil the map of Greater Nepal at the Nepal-India border in Raxaul.
We express our complete solidarity with the Nepali media men who were misbehaved by the Indian Policemen.
Is the Indian Embasy listening?
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