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Upendra Yadav: Victim of Indian machinations

Upendra Yadav: Victim of Indian machinations


The leaders of the Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum- faction led by Bijaya Kumar Gacchedhar held a late night meeting on Tuesday May 26, 2009, at the Indian Embassy in Lainchour,Kathmandu.

A report by Janadisha Daily dated May 27, 2009 reveals that the MJF leader of the CA delegation Mr. Bijay Kumar Gacchedhar, Leaders Sarat Singh Bhandari, Mrigendra Kumar Singh, Jitendra Dev and Ramjanam Chaudhary were present at the meeting specially convened by the Indian Embassy inKathmandu.

“The meeting was specially convened by the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu”, the report further stresses.

“The Indian embassy wants to create an atmosphere wherein the MJF president Upendra yadav could be penalized”, the Janadisha reveals quoting a MJF leader present at the meeting.

To recall, on May 15, 2009, at 10:00 AM, Upendra Yadav and Indian Ambassador Rakesh Sood have had a heated debate in Pulchowk Minister’s quarter.

Sood summarily instructed Yadav that his party-the MJF- unconditionally extended support to the UML-NC coalition.

Listening to Sood’s threatening voice, Upendra Yadav told the Ambassador not to forget his surface.

“You are just a joint secretary…how you dare to threaten me”, said an angry Yadav to Ambassador Sood.( According to Jan Aastha weekly).

Since then the Indian embassy, presumably, is planning to show Upendra his surface by providing importance and significance to Yadav’s arch rival-Bijaya Kumar Gachhedar.

If what the Janadisha has published today, May 27, 2009, is correct then the MJF is sure to see a vertical split which would be just an unfortunate event both for the country and the MJF.

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