Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Delay in formation of new Nepal Govt annoys Indian FM

Delay in formation of new Nepal Govt annoys Indian FM

How much the Indian establishment is eager to see the UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal being elevated to the post of Nepal’s Prime Minister gets reflected when one learns that India’s caretaker Foreign Minister, Mr. Pranav Mukherjee, made a hot-line telephone call to Mr. Nepal yesterday May 19, 2009.

Mr. Nepal, the would be Prime Minister of Nepal has the distinction of being defeated from two different constituencies during the last Constituent Assembly poll held April 10, 2008.

Election defeat is a plus point in Nepal.

Mukherjee’s inner pains came to light when he asked Mr.Nepal as to what has been, after all, causing the delay in the formation of a new government under the command of Mr. Nepal?

Mr. Nepal, according to some Indian media, was born in the Indian soil.

Mr. Nepal is yet to respond to the Indian media allegations.

Mukherjee is learnt to have told Mr. Nepal that India wanted political stability and the institutionalization of democratic order in Nepal.

Should this then mean that India is a changed country now? A cruel joke indeed!

To recall, Mukherjee revealed early this year that “it was the Indian establishment which brought the Maoists together with the seven parties and made them to sign the 12 point agreement in 2005”.

His grand revelation made through Al Jazeera Television channel put the entire Maoists paraphernalia in an awkward position and exposed the then agitating seven parties as well.

An Indian website SAMAYA disclosed that Indian Foreign Minister have had a telephonic conversation with Nepal’s next Prime Minister, Tuesday, May 19, 2009.

Analysts opine that the Indian establishment has begun seducing Mr. Nepal much ahead of the latter becoming the executive chief of this country.
"Kelai bhanda.....Ghar Jwain lai Khanaiko Dhanda".
If so then is Mr. Nepal the choice of the Indian regime? Who knows?


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