Saturday, April 25, 2009

UML says Govt decision correct but suspect Nepal Maoists intent

UML says Govt decision correct but suspect Nepal Maoists intent

Jhala Nath Khanal, the United Marxist Leninist President has admitted that prior to his visit to China, he had met withNepal PM Dahal and had given a clear signal to seek needed clarifications form the Chief of the Army Staff Mr. Rukmangad Katawal.

However, Khanal said, during the meeting with the PM the two had not agreed for the issuance of seeking clarification from Katawal.

This does mean that only when he was about to fly to Mao’s land, he had provided his nod to PM Dahal for seeking such a clarification.

Mr. Khanal made these remarks at the UML Central Committee meeting held on April 24, 209, Kathmandu.

Khanal told his deputies that it was the government’s prerogative to seek clarification from CoAS Katawal who is representing the institution that is also under the government.

As the majority of the CC members opposed government’s intent to question Katawal, Khanal assured that the party will take appropriate decision taking into account individual opinions of all the CC members of the party.

The UML CC members who were more than seventy in numbers agreed that ideologically the government’s decision was correct but the intent of the party leading the government- Maoist was not bonafide.

The CC members also criticized the party leaders for making whimsical remarks every now and then in public. 2009-04-25 08:22:26

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