Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Deaths due to noodles consumption

Mahottari deaths due to noodles consumption

MAHOTTARI, April 14 - District Public Health Office (DPHO) here said that the three children, who perished in a matter of a few hours in Khuttapiparadi VDC-8 Sunday night, had died due to consumption of ready-to-eat noodles.
Senior Officer at the DPHO Rakesh Thakur said that the three -- Rahamad Nadaf and Kamarul Nadaf, both five, and six-year-old Jamila -- died after consuming "Pik Vik" noodles manufactured by the Asian Thai Food Private Limited.
Kamarul's mother Jaibul had bought 10 packets of the noodles from a local shop and given to the children before going out to fetch fodder.
"After the sudden deaths, many other children and locals fell sick due to panic attack," he said.
The deceased, after showing strange symptoms -- including cessation of speech, loss of memory, loose motion and uncontrollable micturition-- had died due to obstruction in respiration.
Dr. Manish Pandey, who had investigated into the incident, said that they were not at the state of confirming the nature of chemical poisoning as the bodies were already cremated.
However, the manufacturer company, on the packets of the noodles, has clearly recommended the noodles not for the persons below 12 years of age as the produect contained Monosodium Glutamate.
Posted on: 2009-04-14 08:39:03

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