Sunday, April 5, 2009

Former king holds consultations on 'baby king'

Former king holds consultations on 'baby king'

Former king Gyanendra Shah has started consultations with relatives from India and close aides in Nepal on strategies of enthroning the 'baby king', Nepal Samacharpatra daily reported.

Shah met three Indian relatives in presence of his close aides Pashupati Bhakta Maharjan, Dr Phanindra Raj Pathak, Madhusudhan Timilsina and Sagar Timilsina at his Nirmal Niwas residence Thursday evening.

The discussion was based on 'baby king,' the daily reports quoting Nirmal Niwas sources. The former king's aides had advised him on how he could make his grandson the king.

The identity of the relatives from India was not disclosed. Shah recently returned from a month-long visit to India where he attended a family wedding and met top Indian leaders.

Maoist leaders had dubbed the former king's India visit as a ploy to establish the 'baby king.'

Earlier this week, a previously unheard of Singaporean woman Angella Cheng claimed to have high influences in Nepal's politics and revealed her plans to enthrone the baby king. Apr 04 09

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