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Travel experience to Nepal via Delhi

Travel experience to Nepal via Delhi

one experience by utousucks

traveled through Delhi last December. I too was under the impression
that it was going to be tough but it turned out to be ok. If you are going to be in transit for a while make sure you have something to do. Those indian people scream a lot in the intercom and are making announcements every 5 seconds. I got annoyed after a while.

The way it
works is,

1. As soon as you get out of the plane and into the terminal, there
will be one/more guy/girl waiting for people who are in transit. Make
sure to keep your eyes/ears open. Normally those people will be
shouting "Are you in transit" or something similar. Once you find the
person(s), they will ask you for your luggage tag, write the
information down in their paper. They will then take you to the transit
lounge and ask you to wait. Their job is done. Their job primarily is
to take the baggage tag from you, get your baggage from whatever
airline you flew from and then place the baggage in the office of
whatever your next airline is going to be.

2. You will be asked to wait in the lounge until the next person (the
one who handles boarding pass and luggage claim) shows up. The wait
can extend from a few minutes to a few hours. Typically they show up
2-3 hours before your next flight. So if your next flight is not for
quite a while, you may end up waiting for those people for quite some
time (In my case I had a 14 hour layover, and those people showed up
only in the 12th hour). This person will come to the transit lounge and
ask for people who are travelling to Kathmandu. Dont worry even if you
are asleep, they will wake you up and ask you. They will take your
passport and come back with the borading pass.

3. Then they will take you to the area where your baggage is located
and may ask you to identify your baggage. In my case, while I was
flying to KTM, I did not have to identify my baggage but while flying
back I had to. Either way you will see that your baggage is somewhere
nearby. Make sure that you see your baggage. If its not around ask them
about your baggage. Make sure its there.

4. The next thing is you may be taken to a small office where someone
will ask you where you are tavelling from, where you are travelling to
and such. They will look at your passport. Once again, in my case when
I was flying to KTM, I had to answer those questions, but when I was
flying back I did not have to.

5. VERY IMPORTANT. If you have any hand carry items, you will need to
ask for tags for each one one of them. Those people (the ones who
handed you the boarding pass) should be aware of that and should offer
you the tags. But in case they dont, make sure to ask them for the
tags. These tags are bery important because when you pass through
security, they will need to stamp these tags and when you are boarding
the plane they will ask you to show the stamps in the tags. If you
never got the tags and the stamps on then, it could turn out to be
nightmare. SO MAKE SURE YOU GET THE TAGS (they dont need to be stamped
yet, they will be stamped when you pass though the security screening).

6. You dont need to worry about the check out baggage now. Those people will take them to the plane.

7. Next, you will pass through security screening, just like here in
the US. Your hand carry items will go through the scanner. The security
people may ask you something about your hand carry items if they see
something suspicious. At the end of the security screening, the
security official should STAMP the tag you got earlier. MAKE SURE TO
KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. Sometimes they forget to stamp it. IT IS MUST THAT
THEY STAMP the tags.

8. Now you are all set. Just go to your gate and wait for the flight

9. Once the announcement is made, you will board the bus that takes
your to your plane. But before you board the bus, they will definitely
check the tags and stamps on the hand carry items.

10. Next, you will be in the flight and in about an hour and half, you will reach TIA. Welcome home...

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