Monday, April 6, 2009

Indian Perspective on Indo-Nepal Border

Indo-Nepal border

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In real sense there is no border line between India and Nepal. The citizens of both the countries cross the border without any passport or visa. Similar, is the condition prevailing between America and Canada. The border of both the countries is called the 'open border'. Such condition depends upon the harmonious relations between the two nations. Whereas relations between India and Pakistan are hostile and so citizens of both the countries have to get passport and visa for travelling to and fro. Nepal and India have better relations due to religious background of Hinduism and Buddhism. We know that Lord Buddha was born in Koshambi in Nepal and had Mahaprayan in Kushinagar, India and we also know that he disseminated his spiritual knowledge in India. Nepalese visit India in large numbers for trade, for education and other religious activities. The prominent political party of Nepal, 'Nepali Congress' and its leader Koirala has strong relations with India, actress Manisha Koirala belongs to Koirala family. Nepal shares its eastern, southern and western borders with India whereas the whole northern border is shared with China. The border problem between India and China has not been resolved amicably. This has resulted in China carrying out anti-India activities from Nepal soil. Recently parliamentary committee of Nepal recommended the idea of issuing passport and visa to the citizens of both the countries to carry out any sort of activity between the countries. Fencing of 1700 kms long border has been recommended. If implemented, it is going to create problems for the Nepalese, as they would have to carry work permits along with them. South Nepal region comprises of Madeshi group of people who are inclined towards India and the present President Sri Ram Badan Yadav is of the same group. It appears that the issue of passport and visa is going to disturb the political background of Nepal.

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