Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shaky Communist UML playing double: Nepal analysts

The Untied Marxist Leninist Party-the party of the pseudo communists-has threatened to quit the government if the Maoists’ leading the coalition government took unilateral decision and sacked the chief of the army staff Mr. Rukmangad Katawal.

The UML Central Committee meeting held in Balkhu Headquarters also concluded that the Katawal saga has already created an anarchical situation in the country.

Mrs. Bidya Bhandari, a UML central committee member, told reporters that the party has decided to quit the government if the Maoists decided unilaterally to sack the Army Chief.

“Consensus among the major parties, the Maoists, the UML and the Nepali Congress were a must over issues of national interests and concerns”, Mrs. Bhandari briefed the reporters.

She said, the party has instructed its leaders currently in the cabinet to reject the Maoists proposal to sack and if possible not to participate even in the Cabinet meeting.

“The UML will not support the Maoists’ if they decide to sack Katawal”, said Mr. Madhav KumarNepal a UML senior leader.

K.P. Oli, another UML leader said, the UML will not accept any of the Maoists decision taken without having consensus among the major political parties.

Hasn’t the country been the hostage of what is called the major political parties? 

Reports quoting UML sources have it that the majority of the UML CC members had criticized the incumbent party chief Mr. Jhala Nath Khanal, who later clarified himself saying that he had given a nod to the Maoists’ prime minister to seek clarification from the Army Chief but did not support Katawal’s ouster.

Insiders of the UML say that Mr. Khanal played double and is still playing double.

“In the current fluid political situation, the UML should not support the Maoists”, a CC member opined at the meeting. 

Mr. Bam Dev Gautam, when criticized by the UML CC members for his excessive Maoist leaning, revealed that the party top-leadership had advised him to support the Maoists move.

It is, analysts presume, that each and every UML leader is playing double with each other.

“Sacking Katawal, was never my personal agenda, I was, instead, told by the Party Chief (Khanal) and General Secretary (Iswor Pokharel) to favor the Maoist’s decision”, Mr. Gautam who is currently the minister for home affairs revealed.

Is it that the main villains are Mr. Khanal and Mr. Pokhrel?

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