Monday, February 8, 2010

Cracks appear in ISI, D company ties

Cracks appear in ISI, D company ties

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BAHRAICH: Jamim Shah has become a fresh target of feud between ISI and Dawood Ibrahim gang. He has been shot in the busy Lazimpur area of Nepal
in broad daylight on Sunday. Jamim, owner of Space Time Media Network, was of Kashmiri origin. A right hand of Dawood Ibrahim, he was also working for ISI.

According to Indian security agencies, ISI was planning to install a modern printing press to print counterfeit Indian currency (CFIC) in Nepal with his help.

Jamim was involved in circulating CFIC in India. Dawood has invested large large sums in his companies. ISI was utilising his services for anti-India activities. He was said to be involved in anti-India violence in Kathmandu over the so-called anti-Nepal statement made by film actor Ritik Roshan some years back. According to Indian security agencies, ISI was sending counterfeit Indian currency in India through Jamim for the last five years. He was also getting CFIC from Dubai, Bangkok and Colombo and sending it to India through his agents. ISI was planning to set up a modern printing press with his help in Nepal to which Jamim agreed but he slow in his response. This resulted in tension between him and the ISI.

The support given by ISI to Nepalese Maoists has led to tension between D Company and ISI. Jamim's murder is an example of it. The ISI feels that Maoists are most helpful in carrying out anti-India activities in Nepal rather than D Company.

Now, ISI is circulating CFIC with the help of Maoists. If intelligence agencies are to be believed, many Maoists are engaged in this business. The ISI want to establish its hold in Nepal after the killing of Majid Manihar of D Company and is carying on business of counterfeit Indian currency, arms and ammunitions and drugs through Maoist.


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