Friday, October 17, 2008

Bliss, happiness, satisfaction, peace, ....

Everyone is moving. Everything is moving. I am also moving. I am moving when I'm asleep. Most of the organs are working, blood is flowing, digestion is taking place. Can't I stay still. Never. Ever....

But where? for what? until when? I dont know.

What do I want. I want a good job, money, fame, sex, travelling, music, etc etc etc etc etc etc.....

Good job: Good job gives good money, good money buys luxurious goods, luxurious goods give happines

Money: Buy goods you want, be happy

Name, Fame: People will talk about you. It will make you happy

Sex, Travelling, Music: Instant satisfaction and thus happiness

Question: What do we want?
Answer: We want happiness

So how do we get it?

I dont know, please suggest me


yogidilip said...

Nice blog Parmananda Sir!!

Anonymous said...

Happiness is not like something u keep on measuring, like whether u feel it or not, whether u retain it or not. A simple solution is just to limit the definition scope of happiness and try to be happy btn small things n not waiting for the ultimate jackpot to be happy or counting conditions which can make u happy. Just be happy...

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