Monday, December 1, 2008

Second Necessary Criterion for True Love

Having said that the first criterion for true love is that it is not driven by any special quality of the beloved, the second necessary criteria for true love is that there should be no expectation of any sort from the person whom you love.

Expectation is the antithesis of love. If you expect anything from your beloved, then it is what you expect that you love and not the person itself.

There is no guarantee that your beloved one will fulfill all your expectation. They can't fulfill every expectation even though if they want to. Its simply not feasible and possible. Your love may decrease or even cease to exist depending upon the amount of 'love' on your expectation that is not fulfilled.

There is an inverse relationships between the intensity that you expect something and the decrease in love for the person from whom that expectation was denied. This is why I referred expectation as the antithesis of love.

This is another guideline to determine if you are in true love or not. Close your eyes and think what you expect from your love: care, good food, good behavior, security, kids, respect or even love. Will you still love him or her if you don't receive that? If no, then you're not in true love. Its possible that you are attracted or infatuated or...., but not in love. True love is not dependent on anything, at least not on expectations.


happy1 said... i saw your comment on huff..i follow every single blog that i come across..i struggling with my blog too! I like your format, it's the same as my blog..but this tip might help you..i found this from huff.Step One. Become famous. Step Two. Have fame and no other job offers. Step Three. Start a blog so you don't have to tell people you're "in between jobs." Use your name recognition to get people to your site. Step Four. Copy all your stories from the Associated Press, Washington Post and NY Times. Step Five. Pick out all the stories that back up only your side of the story. Step Six. Wait for everyone to show up.

Happiness Seeker said...

Thank you very much for your comment happy1. No doubt, if anyone follow these steps, the blog will be successful. But it is nearly impossible to follow. Just look at first step: 'Be famous'. But how to be famous is the million dollar question. Went thru your blog, and I think that its a good start.

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