Friday, November 21, 2008

Basic Criteria for True Love

Uncountable fine minds have attempted to define love. One of them is Hindu Saint Narad. He has composed a small booklet of 84 verses and named it 'Narad Bhakti Sutra'. The literal translation turns out to be 'Formula of devotion by Narad'. No accurate date has been confirmed for this masterpiece but it is agreed that it dates back to more than a thousand years.Among his verses, this article will concentrate on the 54th one, where he lists various criteria for true love.

The basic criterion for true love is that it is not directed towards the subject due to any special quality. If the love is due to any quality such as beautiful face, attractive personality, wealth, fame, etc, then love will cease to exist if that quality is sheded by the subject being loved. In fact, This sort of situation can just be called attraction or infatuation if anything more.

The conclusion is that any love that is directed by any special quality cannot be labelled true love. It is said that nothing in this world is permanent but change. It is highly probable that one day, the special quality that attracted someone may change. And if this happens, the so called love will also change. The love was towards beautiful face, attractive personality, wealth, fame, etc in the first place and not towards the person who had that special quality.

This criterion of true love by Narad gives us a guideline to determine whether we really love someone or it is just a false alarm.


Jasmine Lee said...

True love means loving the person as they are. When people ask why do u love him/her, the answer will be "i just do". Yet there are also a thousand and one reasons why you love him/her. But there is no one special reason. You just do.

Happiness Seeker said...

Very very true Jasmine. That is the point that I wanted to emphasize. You don't love him or her for any reason, for any special qualities he or she has, you just love.
Thank you very much for your comment.

yogidilip said...

hey Shikhar philosopher...nice article.. :)

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